About SmartHeart.in.ua

This site contains information about a large number of programs, many of which are open source, some of them with proprietary code, but provide licensing agreements that allow free use, both personal and commercial.

If there is a need to make the computer department more profitable or less expensive (that will equally bring financial benefit) by minimizing the cost of purchasing software, you have to look for programs that allow free use in the enterprise.

Typically, our choice is based on free open source software, the philosophy of which is based on some kind of mathematical theory that expresses something like this: "the more software, the better" and not "the more users, the better". While commercial software vendors make money on the number of users, free software vendors provide a greater variety of choices.

About the variety should be clarified - Linux users have got it, because the system itself was initially open and free, but Windows users, unfortunately, do not yet have a sufficient variety of quality and at the same time free software products at their disposal.

I hope that this resource will help to solve the problem of improving the performance of your personal computer and your IT department.

Sincerely, admin.