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X-lite is a VoIP softphone for making calls over IP networks

Currently, VoIP technology or Voice over IP is in demand, more simply, it is named IP telephony.

And X-lite is one of the most effective and proven on the good side programs.

This program allows you to make voice and video calls, both with one telephone subscriber, and in conference mode.

How to safely store your photos and videos on a memory card

With the help of the most simple modern camera you can take pictures of high quality, and moreover, you can even shoot video in Full HD format.

In this article we will consider the theme of data security, namely, how to be sure that your photos are not damaged as a result of improper use of the USB flash drive, and what to do if you accidentally have deleted files from the memory card.

How to download and install JVM - the Java Virtual Machine

In order to use and enjoy that excellent software written in the Java programming language or to develop your own programs, you will need to download and install on your computer the Java Virtual Machine, or abbreviated JVM.

In this article, we will see if the Java platform is already installed, and if necessary, download and install Java engine.

The Java platform - what is the Java Virtual Machine and how and why it is used

JAVA it is an open object-oriented programming language, it was created to overcome the difficulties associated with writing and compiling software for various operating systems and various devices.

The goal of JAVA is to create a tool that allows to write code that is completely portable, cross-platform and at the same time very efficient, stable and executed quickly.

Microsoft NET Framework - software platform for Windows

Microsoft NET Framework is a software platform from Microsoft for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

NET Framework is a new software development platform designed to simplify object-oriented programming and to create distributed applications.

Double Driver - the program for backup drivers

If we have to restore the operating system from scratch, in advance we will use a small program Double Driver to create backup of drivers.

It is true: it is better to give a few minutes to it, and in case of problems with the operating system, Double Driver will save you a lot of time and nerves.