Double Driver - the program for backup drivers

Double Driver - the program for backup drivers

Discs with drivers from a newly purchased motherboard, or from a video card, have got the property of disappearing at the most inappropriate moment.

And such a moment comes, most often, when you are restoring the system or adjusting it from scratch, when discs with drivers are simply necessary.

Of course, to download drivers for the motherboard, you can visit the manufacturer's website, go to the "support" section and download the latest version. But this can fail, because the network adapter also needs a driver that was on the lost CD drive.

You can make a backup copy of the driver CD to your hard drive in advance, but this does not help if the entire hard drive crashes, not individual logical disks.

Moreover, the "drivers" directory is often sent to the trash - because it is big, but you need only 3-4 drivers.

The author tried several times to store system drivers on a flash drive, but with the same finale. In general, data security is an up-to-date topic, and you will like another useful backup program, for example Cobian Backup.

Let your system live happily, but since you have to restore everything from scratch - use the small program Double Driver in advance. It is true: it is better to give a few minutes to it, and in case of problems with the operating system, it will save you a lot of time and nerves.

Double Driver - how to backup and restore drivers

This program is nothing more than a tool for working with the drivers installed in the system. It is capable to analyze the installed drivers for a very short period of time - not more than a minute, to create their list and make a backup copy.

Double Driver is easy and convenient to use. even the inexperienced user will be able to cope with the program.

The interface of the program is clear and functional: Double Driver has a toolbar with a set of function buttons. So you do not have to search for the "necessary button" among the lots of windows.

In addition, all tools are arranged according to the frequency of their use.

To scan the system, select the "Backup" tool and click the "Scan Current System" button.

Then make a choice of drivers that you want to add to backup copy.

Analyzing available system drivers, Double Driver displays a full report about each of them - the manufacturer, the installation time, etc.

The result of the analysis can be printed out using the "Print" tool.

As it was already mentioned, the program is characterized by high speed, while it consumes few resources and during operation the overall performance of the PC does not fall.

To create a backup, you need to click the "Backup Now" button, after that the program will prompt you to select the directory for saving and to select the file format.

We recommend that you save the backup as an archive.

Click "OK" and all the selected drivers will be archived.

By creating a backup database, Double Driver takes care of the user's convenience: the copied files are not thrown into one directory - they are distributed over directories that are named identical to the device names.

Needless to say, that the saved backup takes a less space on the flash drive than a copy of the entire hard disk.

It is not known why, but the developer has introduced one detail into the program: when working, you can set the display mode for all drivers in the system as a whole, and for display the drivers exclusively created by Microsoft Corporation.

To restore your backup, you need to use the "Restore" tool and click the "Locate Backup" button. You will be given the opportunity to select a backup for recovery.

During the recovering of drivers, the program also shows itself from the best side - as well as with creating a copy, the time is very short, not more than a minute.

Double Driver is a free program. This is an illustration of the fact that free software often surpasses in speed, convenience and reliability its paid competitors. It has a small-size distribution, just over 2 MB.

Testing of the program took place on the platform MS Windows XP and Windows 7, Intel Celeron 2.2, DDR3 3 Gb.

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