Seven Converter - Simple and Intuitive Video File Converter

Seven Converter - Simple and Intuitive Video File Converter

It happens that you need to quickly and effortlessly bring your video files to the desired format. How can you remain satisfied with the result and not scold the creators of the video processor program for such a complex user interface?

But what is the problem? We do not argue, now there is an abundance and a wide range of programs: video converters, various video editors and just "cutters" - choose any.

From the point of view of an ordinary and average user, the difference is only in the number and location of controls - buttons, dialog boxes and other things.

Although, if you look into it, this is the root of the problem for users when solving simple everyday tasks.

Why, for example, fill in several dialog boxes and many settings fields, if all the tasks are to convert a new issue of your favorite TV series from FullHD (1920 x 1080) to a format for a mobile phone or tablet?

Or, as often happens, to squeeze a movie from MPEG2 to H.264 so that it fits on a flash drive?

In the same way, apparently, the developers of Seven Converter reasoned when creating their brainchild. Because the program for performing the tasks set, in short, was a success. The criterion of perfection: there is nothing to add and nothing to take away.

Seven Converter - Simple Video File Converter

From the very beginning, the user is greeted by a friendly and functional interface of the main window, and at the same time the only window:

The source files are added either by directly dragging the files to the window of the program, or through the menu by clicking the " + " sign at the top of the working area, or through the context menu, by clicking the right mouse button.

Next, the program offers to select a directory for storing output files, as well as select and configure codecs for video and audio output files.

At the moment, Xvid, MPEG2, H.264 and Mjpeg/photo-JPEG codecs are available for the encoding process.

Additionally, each of the codecs can be configured according to the following parameters:

  • The frame rate - it is usually 25 or 30 frames per second.
  • Aspect - all currently known formats are supported, from 1:1 to 2.39:1.
  • The number of rows.

Separately, it is possible to configure audio compression in the output file, choosing between the MP3 and AC3 codecs with additional audio bitrate and frequency settings.

Also, you can leave only the audio in the output file, discarding the video. In this case, such formats as MP3, OGG Vorbis, FLAC are available.

A nice little thing – with each new start, the settings used in the previous session of working with the converter are offered by default.

The program allows you to work with most of the well-known video file formats: avi, mov, m2ts, ts, mts, mp4, vob, flv, 3gp, mpeg. The conversion can be carried out in avi, mov, mkv, mp4 file formats.

Along with converting video and audio clips, the program allows you to combine several videos into one file. It is only necessary that the resolution of the clips intended for gluing is the same. Never before have videos been combined together so easily.

To everything mentioned above, we have a fairly good speed of work, the ability to set a list for sequential conversion, the ability to automatically rename files when the names match.

Seven Converter is a free program and is distributed under the GPL license. You can download the converter from the official website:

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