Shotcut Video Editor - Free and Cross-Platform Video Editor

Shotcut Video Editor - Free and Cross-Platform Video Editor

There are several leaders in the free video editing software market - these are the most famous programs recognized in their industry.

Among the popular free video editors, a program called Shotcut has appeared, its popularity is growing rapidly and there are many reasons for this.

The video editor is easy to use and at the same time has many functions. Therefore, it can be called
professional. Many operations are performed with a couple of clicks or with the help of hot keys.

The program is available for Windows 7, 8, 10 32-bit and 64-bit systems, as well as for Linux and macOS.

Shotcut Video Editor - Overview of the Features

With the help of Shotcut, you can collage videos, edit them with a fairly wide set of customizable filters (audio and video), adjust the quality of video and audio sequences, change the volume, choose the desired sampling frequency and more.

In addition, the edited video clip can be converted to any of the wide range of available video formats, including WebM, MJpeg, H264 and many others, each of which is represented by a number of implementations.

There is also the possibility of transcoding in LOSLESS mode, that is, without loss of quality.

By default, most of the management tools in the main window are disabled. You can enable them in the "View" menu item.

The main window is divided into several functional areas. The necessary tools of the program are added in the main window:

The left column displays filters for audio and video sequences. By clicking on the selected filter, you can see all the parameters available for adjusting.

The left column of the program can also be switched to the playlist display mode by clicking the corresponding button.

On the right, there is an area for displaying the history of actions that can be edited (cancellations, repetitions, etc.), which is very convenient if we end up with a fairly large set of actions.

The central part of the main program window is designed for displaying videos - there is a scroll bar and a number of functional buttons for controlling playback.

Shotcut Video Editor - Advantages of the Program

In addition to the standard buttons that exist in any player, it is possible to conveniently scroll through the video with a default step of 0.01 seconds. This allows you to select the fragments you need for editing with great accuracy. In addition, the step can be adjusted quite flexibly.

The interface with one main window is convenient in terms of compactness and accessibility of all tools. The changes caused by the next applied action are visible immediately and there is no need to wade through the cascade of windows. You can also immediately adjust your actions, setup the properties of the added filters, etc.

One of the innovations of this video editor is support for hardware video processing (GPU Processing). In this mode, the resources of the GPU are used, contributing to a more productive performance of a number of resource-intensive operations, for example, if you need to process a video clip with a high resolution.

Another undoubted advantage of the program is the ability to use preset settings.

Shotcut can work in both windowed and full-screen mode, taking up all the available screen space, which allows you to use the workspace more efficiently.

This software is free, distributed under the GNU General Public License. The distribution does not take up much disk space and there is a portable version.

At the moment, the program is translated into many languages, and a well-thought-out interface allows you to process videos without any special difficulties. We are also pleased with the wide range of hot keys available in the program.

For fast work, it is also desirable to have a powerful computer, but the system requirements of the program are very modest, it works successfully on older PCs.

You can download Shotcut video editor from the official website of the developer: