Programs for hardware emulation and hardware virtualization


VirtualBox - it is a virtual machine, free analog of VMware Workstation and Microsoft Virtual PC.
It is used to create a virtual computer on the host system and execute guest operating systems in its environment, such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Solaris/OpenSolaris, ReactOS, DOS, etc.

The following computer devices are emulated:

  • Input devices: standard PS/2 keyboard and mouse, capture of host devices takes place, it is possible to connect separate devices via USB-adapter, because additionally, virtual USB 1.x and 2.0 are supported.
  • Disk drives: IDE, SATA, SCSI.
  • Network devices: up to 6 types of virtual network cards, the virtual machine can capture a physical network device on the host machine, or bind its network connection to the virtual adapter on the host system (loopback adapter, for example).
  • Audio and video devices.

Some features of VirtualBox:

  • The program has built-in support for RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol, you can interact through a remote desktop with virtual machines.
  • It works with virtual hard disks VMDK (VMware) and VHD (Microsoft Virtual PC).
  • The state of the guest operating system can be saved by creating snapshots and, if necessary, rolling back the state to either of them.
  • To simplify the exchange of files between the host and guest systems, it is possible to assign public folders, even if there are no network settings.
  • A convenient feature is the integration of the desktop into a host operating system, that allows you to simultaneously work in the guest and host OS, easily switching from one to the other.

Download VirtualBox:

Gizmo Central

Gizmo Central is a free program for emulating equipment, analog DAEMON Tools, but it surpasses it in functionality.

It emulates hard disks, CD/DVD drives, it allows you to create ISO images from both drives and the file system, it can read various image formats - ISO, BIN, CUE, NRG, CCD, MDS, MDF. Also it writes images and files to disks.

The program consists of several components that can be installed selectively:

  • Gizmo Drive is an utility for creating virtual optical drives, virtual hard disks and RAM disks.
  • Gizmo Script is a scripting utility for Windows Shell, it uses its own scripting language.
  • Gizmo Database is an analyzer of SQL queries to databases and stored procedures.
  • Gizmo Editor - a text editor and a hex editor with syntax highlighting.
  • Gizmo Hasher - it calculates hash values for files, folders and drives.

This software can be considered as a system utility due to its functionality.

Gizmo Central features:

  • It creates virtual optical drives, virtual hard disks and RAM disks (virtual disks stored in the computer's RAM, which provides quick access to data, increasing productivity).
  • It can create ISO images from optical drives, and from the file system.
  • Program can mount images ISO, BIN, CUE, NRG, CCD, MDS, MDF.
  • It allows you to record images and files to a physical disk.
  • It works with virtual hard disks created in Microsoft VirtualPC (with the VHD extension).
  • Data encryption and password protection are supported.
  • It is possible to create custom toolbars on the desktop.
  • We can write scripts to automate the system.
  • Gizmo Central allows to connect as a client to databases using OLE DB or ODBC, to analyze SQL queries and stored procedures.
  • We can edit a source code with a text and hex editor.
  • Program can perform calculation and comparison of hash-values for files, folders and disks.

Download Gizmo Central:


WinCDEmu is a free open source software that allows you to mount CD and DVD images by clicking on a file in Windows Explorer.

WinCDEmu features:

  • The number of simultaneously created virtual CD or DVD drives and images mounted on them is limited only to free letters for disks in the system.
  • The letter for the virtual drive is selected manually or automatically.
  • Supported image formats are ISO, CUE, NRG, MDS, MDF, CCD, IMG.
  • There is a portable version of the program.
  • The program interface is multi-language.
  • Application supports all versions of Windows from Win XP to Windows 10 (incl. x64).

Download WinCDEmu:

DVDFab Virtual Drive

DVDFab Virtual Drive - a free program for emulating CD, DVD and Blu-ray drives, it works with images of the format nrg, ccd, bin, dvd, img, iso, udf.

Features of DVDFab Virtual Drive:

  • It works under Windows.
  • It has simple settings, and allows you to create up to 18 virtual drives in the system.
  • There is an ability to automatically mount the last used virtual disk image.
  • The program interface supports about 20 different languages.
  • There is an ability to automatically start the program when the operating system starts.

Program description and link to download DVDFab Virtual Drive: