Office packages - the programs for working with documents


OpenOffice - a free package of office programs, the analog of Microsoft Office.
It includes components for working with text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, for creating PDF files and editing vector graphics.

The Open Office platform meets the most strict requirements for office packages.

Components of OpenOffice:

  • Writer - it is a multifunctional word processor, that supports formatting, styles, illustrations, tables, spellchecking and other functions.
  • Calc - it is a powerful table processor with a wide range of tools for working with tabular data.
  • Impress - it is a tool for creating multimedia presentations.
  • Draw - it is a graphic editor for working with vector graphics and various types of diagrams.
  • Base - a tool that allows you to manipulate databases from the OpenOffice environment, it also has its own built-in HSQL database.

Download OpenOffice:


LibreOffice - it is a free package of office applications of professional quality.

Components of LibreOffice:

  • Writer - a text editor that allows you to create documents of varying complexity, from simple to multi-column documents, newsletters and brochures. It supports table of contents, built-in illustrations, bibliographies and diagrams. It has built-in auto filling, automatic formatting and automatic spell checking.
  • Calc - a table processor, it used to organize and process data. It integrates with external databases, allowing you to sort and filter data and perform their statistical analysis. It also allows you to easily create and work with complex formulas and supports graphical charts.
  • Impress - a tool that provides a quick and easy way to create spectacular multimedia presentations. It has built-in tools for drawing and creating diagrams. There is an opportunity to export the result in Microsoft PowerPoint or SWF format.
  • Draw - a drawing tool that allows you to create sketches and diagrams from scratch. It provides the ability to easily create dynamic 3D illustrations and special effects.
  • Base - a component that allows you to work with databases, to integrate existing databases into other LibreOffice components, or create an interface for managing and configuring databases as a stand-alone application. It provides the ability to use various data sources - HSQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access and PostgreSQL.
  • Math - a formula editor that allows you to work with mathematical, chemical and physical formulas.

Features of LibreOffice:

  • It has a common platform with OpenOffice and differs from it slightly.
  • Support for all popular document file formats, thus it is fully compatible with all the rest office suites.
  • It is possible to export any document to a PDF format.
  • The software is available for all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • The interface of the program supports more than 30 languages.
  • There is an ability to use online help, or to install a local version of the help system.

Download LibreOffice:

WPS Office

WPS Office is a distribution of a full-fledged office programs, it only takes about 80 MB and includes the following components:

  • WPS Writer - it is a text editor.
  • WPS Spreadsheets - it is a spreadsheet editor.
  • WPS Presentation - presentation manager.
  • PDF tools - tools for converting PDF to Word.

Templates, cliparts and other media content is available to users and is loading in free mode, directly from the program window during a process of work.

There are versions of the program for Windows PC, Linux, iOS and Android systems. For users of PC and iOS a free cloud storage for 1G space is provided.

The user interface supports English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Russian languages.

You can download WPS Office for free from the official website

IBM Lotus Symphony

IBM Lotus Symphony is a full-featured free office package.
It is compatible with all common office programs. The work with multiple documents is performing in one window using the tab system.

Components of the package:

  • Lotus Symphony Documents - it is a word processor, that supports document templates and has a system of predefined styles. It also supports graphical elements, charts, tables, graphs, automatically generates a table of contents, exports to PDF format.
  • Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets - it is a spreadsheet editor, that has advanced functions for working with tabular data. It allows you to perform calculations and analysis, supports the creation of documents based on templates, the creation of dynamic graphics and diagrams. It has a large number of built-in mathematical functions.
  • Lotus Symphony Presentations - a tool for creating presentations and slideshows with support for diagrams, drawing objects, text elements, multimedia and animation. It provides the ability to create presentations based on ready-made templates. It support automatic and manual presentation modes and provides the ability to export to HTML or PDF formats.

Program page:
In order to download Lotus Symphony you need a free registration.

SoftMaker FreeOffice

SoftMaker FreeOffice - a free office suite that is compatible with Microsoft Office document formats, it can serve as a lightweight replacement for Microsoft Office.

Its distribution has a very small size. It allows you to create a portable version of the program and install it on USB storage.

There is a version of the program for Android smartphones and tablets.

SoftMaker FreeOffice components:

  • TextMaker - a text editor that supports all the basic functions for working with text documents.
  • PlanMaker - a table processor that supports all the basic functions for working with tabular data.
  • Presentations - the component for creating presentations and slideshows.

Official website:, there is also a download link.